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California Gun Laws

California has become more strict on what they are going to allow in the state, from handguns to rifles, our list keeps becoming shorter. As of now they're currently laws in affect that prohibit certain features on weapons, handguns must be on a list of approved handguns, and the age to own a firearm is being raised. This quick guide should cover the basics on what we can actually still have in California and will allow for our customers to be able to be prepared when looking for their next firearm.


Assault Rifles is a loose term that politicians use to describe the AR/AK style rifles. Though these rifles are not fully automatic, nor do they have the ability to assault someone without a person being present to pull the trigger.

The image shows three rifles all fitted with "evil-features" and essentially they would all be illegal in the eyes of California. Below there is an image of what a "featureless" AR-15 looks like and one of the options you have as a California Resident. 

If you don't like the idea of loosing your Pistol Grip and Stock, there is other options in which our shop offers.



Featureless AR Rifle

Companies have come up with solutions that uses a loop hole in California legislation, basically by inserting a system in which holds the magazine in a locked position until the firearm is separated. The system we use and recommend is the Juggernaut Hell fighter kit. This kit can be installed for $120.00 at our location, just make sure to call before bring your AR15. 

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